Saturday, September 11, 2010

Message to President Obama on September 11: "Never Forget" - Voters Won't

Obama told a White House news conference yesterday: "If you could build a church on a site, you could build a synagogue on a site, you could build a Hindu temple on a site, then you should be able to build a mosque on a site."

The U.S. president’s support for a controversial plan to build a mosque and Islamic center just blocks from Ground Zero – contrary to the almost 70 percent of Americans who oppose construction – is trumpeted as a defense of religious freedom. Talk about a political “tin ear.”

"Sean, it's me. I just wanted to let you know I love you and I am stuck in this building in New York. A plane hit, or a bomb went off - We don't know. But there's a lot of smoke and I just wanted you to know I love you." Melissa Harrington Hughes, 31, trapped on the 101st floor of the World Trade Center, Tower One, after the first plane hit.

Flight 93 flight attendant Ceecee Lyles, 33 years old, in an answering-machine message to her husband: "Please tell my children that I love them very much. I'm sorry, baby. I wish I could see your face again."

Why is it that the trade of lying seems to come more naturally to politicians? Shame on you, Mr. President!


exuberance said...

I so entirely disagree. You reward the terrorist when you abandon your principles. You reward the terrorist when you mirror his behavior. You reward the terrorist when you take his invitation to increase the polarization. Shame on you for using the tragic voices of victims as a cover for your desire for revenge and your inability to support our higher principles. Shame on you for taking a tragic event and using it to advance a aggressive, emotional, and ineffectual response to serious and complex problem

But really dude. All politics is local. This isn't about the event. This is about creating polarization inside of the US between the two parties in service of near term election cycles. So own up to what your really doing. Talking up the toxic talking points of a malicious political process. That too is shameful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, succinct post.

We lost friends stuck in Cantor that day, men and women in the mid 30s, leaving behind children and spouses.

My sister lost friends both in the towers and on the planes. If you grew up in the tri-state area, you probably lost someone you knew, and wish were still here.

Enough. Talk about a tin ear. Why is he so insistent on pushing through this particular unwanted and unhoped for change?

Don said...

Your ranting. I recommend:


Anonymous said...

This is a silly post. You are above this.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, you've done it. Like Fox news, you have ceased to include any intelligent commentary in your post, preferring instead to pander to emotion and fear. Good-bye 10Q Detective. You should have "never forgot" what once made your posts worth reading.

Mary H. Moore said...

I respectfully ask, What is the lie? Why should the President be ashamed of telling the truth? He should have added a Buddhist temple in the list.

We need healing from 9/11, but that healing MUST BEGIN IN US. Sound familiar. Peter said that when he told us the time has begun that God's judgment must begin in THE HOUSE OF GOD. We spark fires of hatred instead of words of healing. It's as though we don't want us to heal from what a group, not a whole race/ethnic group did. HEALING MUST BEGIN WITH US. There can be no peace where no one seeks peace.

pimaCanyon said...

The supposed perpetrators of 9/11 were all men, almost all were from Saudi Arabia, they spoke a foreign language and they had dark skin.

So we should ban all men from the the WTC site.

We should certainly ban all Saudis.

We should disallow any foreign language to be spoken anywhere near there.

And no darkies allowed either.

Mike said...

I've been following your post for sometime and this post is out of the norm. However, I really think you got your point across.