Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Sunny First Solar's Future in China?

First Solar’s (FSLR-$143.55) CEO Rob Gillette told investors on the quarterly earnings call the thin-film, PV module maker expected to begin construction of an oft-delayed 2-gigawatt solar generation facility in Inner Mongolia, China early next year.

The project is to be built in multiple phases, with one GW of power to come online by 2014, and the second GW scheduled for completion by 2019, according to the “Cooperation Framework Agreement” signed last November.

Doing business in China would require “sharing of technology” with its local partner(s), according to regulatory filings. Instead, should Gillette and his staff scrub the entire mission?
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Anonymous said...

I was curious if you still followed EXAS. I saw your article from a couple of years ago about the FDA letter.

The company has gone away from PreGen and is now on to a different one. This time they are after FDA approval but I think they are going to need a lot more money than they currently have to do the trials. They recently did a 150M dollar short offering and the stock is now up 50% since that time.

I was curious on your take and insight. SQNM committed scientific fraud on a very similar screen for prenatal issues.

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Aaron PhD, Biochemistry

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