Friday, April 23, 2010

Novartis' Search In a Post-Diovan World Continues

Findings from ASPIRE (Aliskiren Study in Post-MI Patients to Reduce Remodeling), one of 14 trials evaluating Novartis AG’s (NVS-$51.97) Tekturna’s potential benefits beyond blood pressure reduction, showed that although addition of the hypertensive drug did help limit changes to the heart’s shape and function in patients after heart attack (post-myocardial infarction), the results were not statistically significant.

The collective findings in the post-MI population do not support dual-agent suppression of Tekturna with other drugs inhibiting the renin-angiotensin system at this time, concluded Dr. Solomon, presenter of ASPIRE trial.

Going forward, what does this mean for Novartis’ attempt to boost sales when blockbuster BP drug Diovan loses market exclusivity?
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Steve said...

Taking this for two months and really fatigued - used to run marathons for last three years but now VERY tired. Thinking of going back to doctor and trying another blood pressure medication.