Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu: Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos de América

In a nationally televised speech on Wednesday night, President Felipe Calderón urged his Mexican subjects to stay home. Why didn’t he just tell them instead to head Norte across the Rio Grande to the Estados Unidos? Afterall, “undocumented” workers have been sneaking across our southern border with near impunity for years.

Atencion, Mexico City, we’ve got free health care and Tamiflu medicine for all of you. Do not speak English? No problema. We fellow citizens of the world will subsidize the hiring of a language interpreter for you! No te pongas nerviososo. Come and dump your hopeless, diseased, and uneducated on our doorstep.

I’m waiting for “Countdown” Keith Olbermann and “Hardball” Chris Matthews to lecture me—again—on the
economic benefits that uneducated, low-skill immigrants contribute to U.S. society. Keith and Chris, if the two of you can take your heads out from Obama’s ass long enough, tell me how many illegals live in your neighborhoods. What’s that? They cannot afford to buy any of the houses on your streets. And I thought the two of you embraced the principle of “mi casa es su casa!”

As for me, I can’t wait for the demographics to change in this country. As a gringo—and an emerging minority—will I then qualify for equal opportunities through affirmative action programs? !Qué demasiado!

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Kelja said...

Bravo for your truth-telling. It's a rare commodity in this world.

What no one speak of is the imminent collapse of our neighbor to the south.

Collapsing oil fields, tourism dropping, less money being sent home by 'immigrants' here in the U.S. will bring chaos down south. I didn't even mention corruption and narco criminals! We'll have boots on the ground in 'Ol Mexico within a few years.

Dr. LaPaglia, Esq. said...

You are a racist asshole!!!! You do not care about your fellow man. You are a goddamn savage. You are a worthless barbarian, and you are too STUPID to see that there is no "United States" - we already live in a global society OWNED by the international financial elite. You disgust me. You are probably a shill who is paid by the media to give bad advice to people. You are nothing more than brainless human cattle.

David J. Phillips said...

"Doctor" LaPaglia does a superb job in illustrating the fundamental weak spot in the FAR LEFT/FAR RIGHT thought process: when you cannot attack the argument, attack the man behind the argument.

Dr. LaPaglia, Esq. said...

P.S. I'm not attacking you. I swear. It's just that you are SO GODDAMN STUPID IT AGGRAVATES ME SO MUCH BECAUSE YOU SIMPLY JUST DON'T THINK!!!!!!!!! THINK DAMN IT!!!!!

Dr. LaPaglia, Esq. said...

White workers are lazy animals that generally end up slowing down the Mexican workers who acknowledge reality. It just makes me SO DISGUSTED to see these people standing around pretending to be like narcissistic princesses when mexicans workers their ass off so whitey can live in FANTASY LAND. Worthless human cattle!!!!!! The white calves think that because they are going to university and getting themselves into DEBT for a cheap $40,000 salary in 4 years, they think they are kings who 'know it all'. The delusional white cattle are the best slaves to exploit for the elite. These 'neuvo-riche' (LOL!!!! neuvo-douches!!!!!!!!! More like it!!!) tv watching morons are so arrogant, I mean, these cattle ALWAYS, after only a mere few weeks, ALWAYS 'act' like they should being running the place, like they are being underpaid and should have a better job. MORONS!!!!! They do not realize REALITY: The market determines what you are worth. This usually gets the sheeple killed in the long run.

hwy9nightkid said...

You should stop professing stereotypes and check out Dr. Quinones ! The American Dream is more alive in some of these migrant workers than the Americans who have nothing better than to scream at them.