Friday, May 07, 2010

"Spill, Baby, Spill" - Or Not, Says BP

British energy giant BP ($49.78) initially accepted responsibility for the April 5 explosion aboard the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon. However, with efforts to shut down the well failing, and more than 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) of oil per day still spewing out of the broken pipe – and recovery costs climbing to $6 million a day and beyond – the British energy giant might be having second thoughts about paying all “legitimate and objectively verifiable claims.” In television interviews this week, BP executives noted that the disaster, in which 11 workers died, wasn’t directly BP’s fault, as drilling contractor Transocean was operating the rig on its behalf.

The spill is disastrous to the locals in coastal towns. The fishing industry in Louisiana could be impacted to the tune of $2.5 billion, and Florida’s tourism losses are expected to total around $3 billion, according to Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune.

How much will this spreading oil slick – potentially rivaling the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill into Prince Edward Sound, Alaska – ultimately cost BP, less insurance?
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