Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Heartburn for Procter & Gamble's Prilosec OTC

For years Procter & Gamble (PG-$60.50) has reminded customers that its Prilosec OTC remedy effectively reduced heartburn-causing acid by shutting down active acid-producing “proton pumps.” Supported by online marketing and sponsorship of popular events, from NFL and NASCAR tie-ins to Prilosec-branded cooking contests and the dice game Bunco, this proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) quickly became the best selling OTC heartburn medicine, with annual sales topping $300 million.

Given the convenience and cost-savings of shopping at the local store for GI antidotes, consumers are increasingly more willing to self-medicate. However, private-label brands have successfully muscled in on this growth in demand. To wit: sales for Prilosec OTC peaked at about $387 million back in 2006. Additionally, Prilosec has now lost market exclusivity (held since 2003) — the FDA has approved for OTC purchase two other branded PPIs.
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