Friday, August 07, 2009

10Q Detective in Distribution Deal with BusinessWeek

10Q Detective is pleased to announce a definitive distribution arrangement with BusinessWeek, where original 10Q Detective content can now be found on a bi-weekly column at BusinessWeek’s Investor Channel.

This deal affords us a unique platform from which to nationally distribute 10Q Detective analysis to a wider audience. Loyal readers still counting on the 10Q Detective "to dig through businesses’ 8-K, 10-Q, and proxy statements filed with the SEC, looking for financial statement 'soft spots' and other juicy insider transactions,” however, can still find additional stock analysis and comments here at our original home.

In the meantime, meander over to for our first article, which looks at
Vornado Realty Trust (VNO), one of the biggest landlords in the Manhattan and Washington DC office property markets:

Can the highly levered real estate investment trust (REIT), which has a ratio of
total debt to enterprise value of approximately 60 percent, juggle dividend
payouts owed to stockholders, honor interest-coverage and maturing debt
obligations, and stabilize decreasing spreads between new tenant and expiring


nac said...

CONGRATULATIONS. You'll do great. Your work elevates the art of financial blogging.

Michelle Leder said...

Congratulations, David! Glad that BusinessWeek is adding your smart content to their site!

jolly_rancher said...

I hope this doesn't compromise your honesty because most of big media reporting is usually one of the following: hype, mindless drivel, a scam.

David J. Phillips said...

Jolly Rancher:

Funny you say that, for folks that disagree with me on some of my stock comments [to date] have already accused me of "mindless drivel & hype!"

I only inked a distrinution deal with BusinessWeek because I hold them in high regard (journalistic integrity).

jolly_rancher said...

Great. Because I truly appreciate the tongue-lashing some of these miscreants receive from you. Keep up the good work.