Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Viper Energy Shows How Not to Win Over New Shareholders

It's prudent that prospective shareholders invest time in due diligence before taking the plunge and purchasing shares or units in any company. This investor had [past tense] a possible interest in becoming a stakeholder in Viper Energy Partners (VNOM). I had one question to ask of management about something I came across in my research: Oh, just a "little" issue regarding the current status of a "Continued Listing Standard" notice the company received back in July. 

 My letter to CEO Travis D Stice: "You folks obviously aren't interested in attracting new shareholders. Not only does no one return my call or email [re: NASDAQ "Continued Listing Standard Notice"] - but when I call the home office I'm shuttled off to a 10+ minute waiting hold time - like I'm some little kid in grade school getting a timeout - and then hung up on!!!!" 

Sirs, Forget about it! This is one snake I'm gonna' let slither by me in the grass.

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