Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is Janet Yellen Too Chummy With Wall Street?

Is this bull market too dependent on "easy money" policies - QE?

Could it be that the real reason that Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen is afraid to pull the trigger on an interest rate hike is that it would spook Wall Street? I don't want to start "yellin" - but if the economy is as strong as Obama and his economic team likes to brag it is - maybe it's time to start raising key rates?

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Clifford Chamney said...

Yes, it is long past time to raise rates to reduce market distortion.At the least they should raise rates to 0.5% and say they will remain for an extended period. The FOMC members apparently are too far removed from markets and do not trust it enough. People go through difficulties and rebound from them, but normally difficulties do not last for more than one extended period. ;-)