Thursday, February 20, 2014

Progenics Pharmaceuticals: New Front in War Against Cancer

Investors’ bearish sentiment that further testing of the clinical utility of Progenics Pharma’s (PGNX-$5.00) PSMA-ADC might be pointless due to toxicity concerns is unfounded: Robert Israel, MD, one of the study authors and executive vice president of medical affairs at Progenics, pointed out to Medscape Medical News that both of the patients who died had predisposing conditions.

"One had an indwelling central line [known to increase risk of developing sepsis] and the other had repeated urinary tract infections," said Dr. Israel. "The patients were also heavily pretreated and didn't have much in the way of other options."

As a new class of biological therapeutics, the ADC market is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, skeptics might want to spend a Saturday reading up on the managed benefits of these highly potent drugs in the context of understood off-target toxicities.

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