Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Expect More 787 Dreamliner Delays From Boeing

The Boeing Company ($70.38) is telling suppliers to halt deliveries of sections for its 787 Dreamliner for two weeks because of delays at the company that makes a key part for the tail of the plane. Management insists this latest delay won’t change first launch come February 2011. Do not believe it.

The cumulative financial effect of six prior delays, pre-production cost over runs, technical fixes, and penalties to airlines and suppliers – could the Dreamliner jet could turn to a nightmare for Boeing?

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Anonymous said...

History shows new designed aircraft will have engineering problems. It is expected. Boeing's decision to outsource their work to other countries was most likely was a bad decision. It appears Dreamliner 3 thru 6 have enough structural changes that 1 and 2 may not be able to be sold. I believe Boeing has a handle on the aircraft. It is up to Rolls Royce now to tweak their engine. I also believe in Charleston S.C. The area has a long history performing Naval Nuclear work. It is not aviation, but the work ethic has been engraved for many generations. I wouldn't be surprised if the Italian tail section plant is moved to Charleston.