Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chesapeake Energy's "Clean and Green" Campaign Fails to Convince Critics

If environmentalists have their way, the flame in Chesapeake Energy’s (CHK-$23.79) “green” logo would be snuffed out. Critics howl that the energy company’s drilling method (like all shale exploration companies), known as hydraulic fracturing, used to extract its gas deposits is toxic.

Thanks to dead cows, water-well explosions, and contaminated groundwater from drilling, Chesapeake Energy’s effort to market natural gas as an environmentally friendly option to “filthy coal” hasn’t gained much traction lately. Now comes word of another public relations disaster for the company: its wastewater wells apparently caused a series of small earthquakes at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

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New study:
EPA confirms plans to start hydraulic fracturing study * updates:

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Check out for more infomation about the process.