Sunday, December 06, 2009

More on Novartis' Promising MS Drug Fingolimod

Novartis’ (NVS-$55.78) fingolimod, first in a new class of immunomodulatory drugs called S1P-receptor modulators, reduces circulating levels of white blood cells (by bottling them up in lymph nodes). Though effective in relapsing forms of MS, treatment with fingolimod – like all disease-modifying agents – is not without risk Skin cancer being Novartis’ alleged alabatross. The FDA will likely weigh the drugs promising efficacy, however, against this adverse event by requiring Novartis to develop a RiskMap protocol.

Can fingolimod cross the finish line before German drug maker Merck KgaA’s cladribine tablet and be the first oral MS treatment to market?

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