Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pyrrhic Victory for Raser Tech Bulls: 10Q Detective Banned from Yahoo!

It’s official: Yahoo! officially banned 10Q Detective from posting comments on its Message Boards.

Before the investors of Raser Technologies—who flooded Yahoo! with alleged complaints of our biases—revel in their victory, remember the ghosts of erstwhile investors in
thinkorswim Group, Force Protection, Brooke Corp, Heelys, Inc, USANA Health, and a plethora of other former highfliers –who gloated that we were third-rate hacks, too. Ask them how many years it will take them to write-down their capital losses.

Censoring freedom of expression and search-engine results that powerful entities find objectionable is nothing new at Yahoo. Just ask Wang Xiaoning and Shi Tao, two Chinese journalist currently serving 10-year prison sentences in China because of information Yahoo! provided to the Chinese government.

We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavoring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still. ~ Philosopher John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859

Yahoo's own recent failure(s) to execute on new search engine initiatives speaks volumes about its own incompetence, too.

A special thank you to
Fat Pitch Financials for standing behind our search for the truth.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, your
article drives the traffic to Yahoo!, Yahoo! lose.

Anonymous said...

You should add Yahoo to the list of soon to be extinct entities.. they're displaying the usual incompetence that is leading to their downfall.

Anonymous said...

Your a douche quit trying to bs everyone-- we know you are getting paid to slam raser and you got shut down because of it. Im glad that yahoo shut you up. Are you going to censor my posting too? Why slam a company that is obviously well on the way to making a positive difference in the renewable energy sector. We can all acknowledge they have had some missteps but any idiot can see that the geothermal projects are well under way and that it will be generating significant revenue soon. Merril Lynch wouldn't be so heavily invested if they didn't believe it wasn't going to pay off . Senator Orrin Hatch wouldn't come to the groundbreaking ceremony for a scam company. Get a life and quit whining about how yahoo censored you. At least next time be fair in your evaluations and maybe you wont be booted off again. I think it is shameful for someone to be negative because he is paid to by those who have an interest in shorting the stock. Clearly you are another example of a Blogger/analyst who has no journalistic integrity.

Anonymous said...

Fight the power. If you use a broadband connection learn to change you ip address. In case they have blocked your ip address. Sign up for a new account under the name tenQ Detective.

Harleydog said...


Congrats on being banned from Yahoo message board,a wonderful compliment. Where there is smoke there is fire. Hope this inspires you as it would me. Keep on with your excellent insight.

Prudens Speculari

David J. Phillips said...

Dear Mr. Douche:

Clearly your mouth could use a hygienic cleansing. That said, let us see six-months from now who will be bent over & getting a medicinal stream of water sprayed up an unmentionable body cavity!

Anonymous said...

Raser just poured several hundred cubic yards of concrete last night at the Beaver, Utah geothermal project site. Construction is now commencing in earnest. It appears that UTC Power is fully confident in the project and is extending interim credit by delivering all 50 generating units prior to the release of construction financing by Merrill Lynch. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

By the end of this month Raser will deliver a production prototype (fully functional, decked out, ready for mass production) full-size truck/SUV to a major US manufacturer. This plug-in hybrid vehicle features the drive train developed jointly between FEV and Raser. Two more prototypes will be delivered to PG&E.

Also, prior to going into full production of power for the city of Anaheim with their first geothermal plant, Raser will be bringing the modular generating units online in groups of 5 and selling the power to the public utility during the interim before throwing the switch in October and selling to Anaheim.

- One Who Knows

Anonymous said...

The independent analysis of the geothermal resource at the Beaver, Utah site has now been issued. There is sufficient resource in the area of Raser's leased land (with 90% probability) for 138 Megawatts. That's 14 of the 10 MW plants on that site alone. Expect construction financing from Merrill Lynch to close by the end of the month.

The plug-in hybrid full-size truck is now on the test track an delivery to the global OEM will occur very soon.

It's going to be quite entertaining to watch the shorters start running for cover.

- One Who Knows