Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"How A Pro Reads A Proxy Statement."

IR Web Report, a recognized leader in providing unbiased research and intelligence in investor relations website benchmarking and best practices, recently referenced some laudatory comments about The 10Q Detective:

How a pro reads a proxy statement

IF ALL business journalists and finance bloggers were like David Phillips, companies would get away with a lot less nonsense than they do now.

Just go read his post on Aflac: Long Live the AFLAC Duck!

Amazing, isn’t it? I’m talking about the fact that it’s free.

There should be links to this guy’s blog here, here, here, here and especially here (watch the sliding logos for the duck and you’ll know why).

People like Phillips are more effective at investor protection than any of the aforementioned organizations. And I don’t say that lightly. – Dominic Jones, founder.

Thank you, Dominic, for the kind words.


Davis Freeberg said...

These are accolades that are well deserved. You do some amazing work and are an excellent resource for educating investors on what the fine print really says. I cannot even imagine the amount of time that you must spend reading these reports, but the sacrifice is clear from the quality of your posts. Thank you for helping to share this information and raise awareness of what's really in those SEC reports.

Guru said...

David, I have to agree with everything Dominic has to say!
Keep up the good work.

I wish the Fidelitys and Vanguards start reading your blog! They will hopefully then realize that they need to wake up.