Monday, February 13, 2006

Raser Technologies, Inc. - Unbiased Update?

Raser Technologies, Inc. now trades on the Pacific Stock Exchange (PCX:RZ).

A review of our initial SELL recommendation from the December 29, 2005 (archives) posting:

The Bottom-line--Raser Technologies, Inc. is touting this breakthrough motor technology that will increase both the performance and efficiency of engines/motors, yet the Company has no tangible sales--and spends more money on perks than on R&D.
Enclosed is an e-mail sent to the 10Q Detective from Investor's Stock Daily, which has a BUY rating on the stock:

February 13, 2006

Editor's Note:

Greetings, I wanted to share some observations/opinions relative to my visit to Provo, Utah to sit with and observe Raser Technologies, Inc.'s management last week.

We all know that validation in terms of a license agreement/contract regarding their core Symetron™ technology is what will take Raser to the next level and I do not mean to minimize the significance of that goal, one that I believe is not far away. Embracing that, a great product or service is unable to obtain customers and meaningful market share without the expertise, guidance and execution of a dynamic and capable management team. I state again, I believe Raser has the executives, the focus and the drive to get the Company parallel with market and shareholder expectations.

Raser's business plan calls for the acceptance, infusion and expansion of its technology in three main markets: Transportation/Military, Industrial and Power Generation. I believe that RZ has made significant strides in all three, the most tangible being the pending acquisition of Amp Resources. Each of these markets is, in fact, hundreds of millions of dollars in size. Combine that with a new technology that has to be scrutinized, tested and retested all the way up until its commercial acceptance and I can accept a longer validation calendar.

Do not think that anyone at Raser is confusing hard work with results, they certainly understand more than anyone what needs to be accomplished. Having spent a "day in the life", I feel even exponentially more enthusiastic and secure regarding the future and success of Raser Technologies, Inc., both short and long-term.

Thanks for your time, feel free to call/email me anytime.


Jody Janson


10Q Detective ed. note: This tidbit from

Jody Janson, a former broker who offers paid stock research from his Investor's Stock Daily in Rochester, N.Y, accepts stock as payment. But he does so only with the intention of holding it for the long-term, he says.

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