Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Open Letter from Blogger Support: "Publishing OutRages."

On Thursday 02/23, Blogger Support wrote:
From: Blogger Support [mailto:]
Re: [#387730]
Hi David,Thanks for your honest response. There was a period of time on Friday and Saturday during which one of our databases was not saving new postscorrectly. They would be published initially, however, so the problem would not be apparent until the blog was republished later, or until another post was added.
Though we have fixed the database issue that was causing this, we cannot recover any such posts that were lost. We recommend checking your archives for any posts not listed in your Edit Posts page. If you find a copy there, you can cut and paste it into a new entry. We apologize for the trouble this has caused, and we are working to prevent this from happening again.
Blogger Support

Dear Blogger Support:

Thank you for the update.

Sadly, I need to update Blogger Support on a new technical problem that is now plaguing my blog: .

I cannot hyperlink more than two times in a blog. If I dare to try--when I tap the "Publish Post" icon--I lose the ENTIRE article! Yes, two hours of work is deleted if I try to help my readers by directing them to other websites of related-interest.

For example: review my attempt to publish the initial blog on PhytoMedical [FRIDAY, SATURDAY 24, 2006] Notice that (because I had 6 links in the article) all the contents of the stock review disappeared, save for a paragraph! I had to repost on: Saturday, February 25, 2006 [PhytoMedical--Pass the Duche on the Left-Hand Side.] sans links. Albeit two links did make it into the article. The third link only survived because I typed the entire URL address into the draft itself!

So I ask you--[a favor]--is this a NEW PLAGUE? A problem w. HTML source-codes? A bug in the software? Or just a publishing misfortune that I must suffer through myself--like a bad case of profusion of the entrails?

I eagerly await your analysis!
David J PhillipsWeb!

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